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National Spelling Bee

Over 68% of the 2014 Semifinalists at the National Spelling Bee were Hexco Customers!  Last year, we celebrated the 14th champion in row who used Hexco products. Will you be next?

Wondering which products are most used by spellers who attend the National Spelling Bee? Here are the top speller favorites!

  1. Verbomania
  2. New Nat's Notes
  3. Blitz List
  4. Spelling Rules Book

Hexco products will save you countless hours looking up word information and our unique formats can help students learn and remember more words quickly and easily!  Our word wizards look up all words on annual spelling lists and compile additional information such as phonetic pronunciations, part(s) of speech, etymology, definitions, and more.  Sentences and audio recordings are also included in many of our spelling products. Hexco is your one-stop shop for advanced study materials because we have been collecting spelling bee words for over 30 years. Our advanced spelling word list and etymology products are the best "out there" for preparing for off-list words you'll need to know to make it to (and possibly win) the National Spelling Bee.

Not sure where to start?  Read Linda's Study Plan. Questions on how to study for the National Spelling Bee: 830-367-3825 or email hexco@hexco.com!


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