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Until 2006, the National Spelling Bee's annual list of words was called Paideia. Today, this list would be known as Spell It. When this list was called the Paideia, annually, only 20% of the words on this list were replaced. We chose the years of 1995, 2001, and 2006 to ensure there was no overlap in words in creating these products.

The Paideia lists are ideal for those who are looking to learn a greater number of words and word meanings. Each volume contains between 3,000+ and 4,000+ words. In addition to being helpful for National Spelling bee study, these are the type of words that may show up at any competition, in an SAT test, or at the college level. Products include phonetic pronunciations, definitions, and etymology and our Spelling eMentors also contain audio pronunciations.  Our most economical version of this list is Valerie's Supplement in these years (while supplies last), and Natalie's Spelling Organizers in these years are excellent for conducting your own spelling bees as our Organizers also contain sentences

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