What's the difference between 1995, 2001, and 2006 Paideia?

What is the difference between the Paideia 1995, Paideia 2001, and Paideia 2006?
Since Scripps methodically replaced about 20% of their word list annually and often added words, it took approximately six years for a word to rotate onto the Scripps’ list and then off again. Studying from these three lists, which were released five years apart, ensures very little overlap of words on Paidea lists and few are found in the Scripps current word list. The Paideia Collections make an excellent resource for expanding a student’s word foundation. Studing all three lists, along with the current Scripps’ study list will build a collection of about 12,000 words. Using our Spelling eMentor online software to learn these Paideia words is one of the easiest ways to master these lists. Valerie’s Supplement Classics are also available for these years.
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  • 1995 Paideia - 3,182
  • 2001 Paideia - 4,159*
  • 2006 Paideia - 4,118

*The 1999 Paideia contained 3,404 words, but two more years of words were added in the year 2016 which increased the number of words in this grouping. With the addition of new years, and new words, Hexco changed the name of the 1999 Paideia to 2001 Paideia to reflect the changes.

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