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Spell Buddy and Spell Buddy Coach's Manuals

Assign and study grade-appropriate words that have often shown up in official school spelling bees Round out your word knowledge with lists of good, vocabulary enriching words and methodically grow your word bank with 20 lessons (or lists of words) per grade level! Spell Buddy is appropriate to help field 'off-list' words that can be found in higher-level school bees and beyond. Each book contains words that have been ferreted, swapped, and shared among spellers, parents, coaches, and teachers for decades and there are no duplicates, although forms of certain words are repeated on occasion. 

Which volume should I buy?  If you are a beginning speller, we recommend starting with your own grade level; intermediate to advanced spellers may prefer to start with a higher grade level volume.  NOTE: Spell Buddy does not replace the official "annual" list put out by Scripps' National Spelling Bee, but contains words used in past classroom and school spelling bees -- this leaves our word wizards to surmise that some words in Spell Buddy might be used in future spelling bees, but no promises! Historically, there have been about 450 official words provided for school and classroom bees and many customers have asked, "What else should I study?" Well, once you have also mastered the annual Spell It list, Spell Buddy is an excellent choice and an affordable foundation for expanding your word bank at a reasonable pace.

  • Backpack sized 6"X9" (Easy-to-carry!)
  • Abbreviated definitions
  • Phonetic pronunciations - aids spellers in properly pronouncing words by "sounding" them out
  • Coach's Manual is 8.5"X11" and contains sentences, alternate pronunciations, and etymology for conducting practice spelling bees at school or at home

Spell Buddy take-along study booklets for grade levels 1-8 are $29 each and Coach's Manuals are $59 each.

Recommended for: vocabulary enhancement, school spelling bee clubs, National Spelling Bee preparation (in addition to the annual list from Scripps), and other spelling competitions. 

Good spelling improves SAT scores (critical for college enrollment) and as we recommend a word foundation of at least 10,000 words, Spell Buddy can pave the way to help reach this goal starting with beginner words and working up to advanced level words in the 6th-8th grade products (total count of all Spell Buddy products is 8,000 words).

FAQ: How many words are in each Spell Buddy?

  • Grades 1 & 2 - 550 & 600 words (both grades in one book)
  • Grades 3 & 4 - 675 & 775 words (both grades in one book)
  • Grade 5 - 900 words
  • Grade 6 - 1100 words
  • Grade 7 - 1450 words
  • Grade 8 - 1950 words

Looking for Spell Buddy with Audio? Click here!

Hexco has been writing spelling bee products and collecting word lists for over 30 years.  Click here to read more about Hexco.

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