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Spell Buddy eMentor - BEST VALUE BUNDLE or Choose Grade Level!

UPDATE: Spell Buddy had 10% of the words at both the 2018 and 2019 NSB. In 2019, 15% of the words in Round 3 were found in Spell Buddy.

Round out your word knowledge with lists of good, vocabulary enriching words and methodically grow your word bank with 20 sets (or lists of words) per grade level! Spell Buddy is appropriate to help field 'off-list' words that can be found in higher-level school bees and beyond. Words in Spell Buddy have been ferreted, swapped, and shared among spellers, parents, coaches, and teachers for decades and there are no duplicates, although forms of certain words are repeated on occasion. 

  • CONTAINS: Audio pronunciations, phonetic pronunciations, abbreviated definitions, and etymology
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: vocabulary enhancement and off-list study, National Spelling Bee preparation (in addition to the annual list from Scripps), and other spelling competitions.
  • OPTIONAL: Pair with Spell Buddy books to help keep track of words mastered
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This one-of-a-kind spelling mastery software was engineered by Hexco and features an attractive and responsive online interface combined with state-of-the-art memory capabilities. Excellent for those who desire to learn a large number of words quickly and efficiently, Hexco's unique type-in-the-word online portal includes a drop-down feature that allows students to practice their missed words or "starred words" in order to perfect their spelling. How it works: An audio recording of each word is presented along with (a) phonetic pronunciation(s), definition, abbreviated etymology, part(s) of speech, and a sentence! If you're stumped on a word, you can ask for the "next letter," or request "show word," and the program will automatically save these in your "missed words" so you can try these words again at a later time. Once a word is marked as "correct," other word information can appear, such as expanded etymology and homonyms. This technology, combined with Hexco's time-tested word lists used by countless National Spelling Bee participants, can catapult you to the top of your 'game' in any spelling competition.


  • Each Spelling eMentor saves missed words until all words are mastered.
  • It also saves results when you log in and log out and keeps track of your progress.
  • Audio, phonetic pronunciations, word origins, and definitions are included.
  • Select "All Words Ever Missed" to make sure you never miss those words again.
  • Perfect "All Words Missed on the Last Attempt" to master each list. (Note that this means your last attempt at the word.)
  • "Star" words that you want to study again. (Note that you can "unstar" words at any time.)
  • Ask for the next letter in a word.
  • Ask to show the whole word if you don't know how to spell a word.
  • Attempt all words in any set at any time to continue perfecting your spelling.
  • Type and click "enter" to quickly test yourself without depending on a mouse to move forward.


  • Each eMentor product is browser-based and tracks progress for one user.
  • All eMentors are accessible from any browser on a PC or Mac computer and mobile device.
  • This product is subscription-based and is good for one year from the date of your purchase.

Word count in each Spell Buddy:

  • Grades 1 & 2 - 550 & 600 words (both grades in one book)
  • Grades 3 & 4 - 675 & 775 words (both grades in one book)
  • Grade 5 - 900 words
  • Grade 6 - 1100 words
  • Grade 7 - 1450 words
  • Grade 8 - 1950 words


GRADES/LEVEL: 1 & 2 (Beginner), 3 & 4 (Intermediate-Beginner), 5 (Intermediate), 6 (Intermediate), 7 (Intermediate-Advanced), 8 (Advanced)

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