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Helps Explains Spelling Rules and Ideal for Studying Vocabulary 

Spelling Rules Book, "Why Isn't 'Phonetic' Spelled the Way it Sounds?" is a sine qua non for competitive spellers. Our 150-page compilation expounds on spelling rules and conventions to promote less reliance on rote memorization and more on understanding language. Students learn when to use -ible rather than -able, for example, and they will never look at the i-before-e rule the same way again! This book explains rules for spelling words from foreign languages which are included in our dictionaries. An encyclopedic list of Greek and Latin roots with definitions and words derived from each is included. This book is also ideal for studying for the VOCABULARY section of the National Spelling bee. Revised in 2015, 4th Edition. Written by Valerie Tarrant.

What's Included

  • Spelling Tips
  • Language Skills
  • Greek & Latin Elements
  • Basic Rules & Guidelines

 A Hexco favorite!

TIP: Also pay attention to words without etymology and keep your own separate list of these as you find them! Examples: calcipotrieneHaumea, geocachingcee/ce, and hmm/hm/hmm are just a few examples of words without etymology listings. It's hard to know how to spell a word if it doesn't give you a clear etymology to base knowledge on, but this is a good additional list to compile on your own when reading this book to cover all the bases and become your own word ninja.


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3 Reviews

  • 4
    Nice one..

    Published by RP on 30th May 2014

    Very good collection of tips...and am sure its going to help my daughter for the next 10-12 years..but definitely pricey

  • 5
    Extended Spell It!

    Published by Unknown on 18th Feb 2013

    I believe this is THE BEST preparation for local spelling bees. Once mastering the annual School Spelling list and Spell It!, move onto this. It is the best bet for your money, especially if it's "crunch time." Lists of words, roots, and rules all categorized by language of origin will help your speller understand. Many words in this book such as hukilau and Kafkaesque are in the lists at the end, really great for Round One preparation at Nationals.

  • 5
    Spelling Rules is Awesome!!!

    Published by Unknown on 16th Feb 2012

    Never before have I seen a book available that understands what is necessary to help study for the National Bee! This book is such a help! My child is working their way through it and already it is helping her understand ALL of the rules for remembering how to spell foreign words! Thanks a million, Hexco!

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