Annual & Classic Word Lists


The Spell It list has remained the same for the last seven years and we hypothesize that this is subject to change after the 2016 National Spelling Bee.  We have numerous products containing the Spell It words with our most economical being Valerie's Supplement for the current year.  Hexco's NEW Spelling eMentor contains audio files to help you practice the spelling of each word and also presents other word information. The program remembers your missed words and you can "Star" words that you want to study again later.

If you think you have all the annual words under your belt including Spell It as well as the off-list words in the Sponsor Bee Guide (given to those heading to the National Bee), we generally recommend that you read about your options:  (1) Learn more words, or (2) learn more about words. And of course, don't forget to learn your word meanings as well. Click here to read our After-A-Spell newsletter. Good luck and good spelling!


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