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36 NATIONAL SPELLING BEE champions used Hexco products.

Zaila Avant-garde, who won the 2021 National Spelling Bee, also won the Kaplan-Hexco Online Spelling Bee in 2020! Harini Logan, who won the 2022 National Spelling Bee placed 2nd in the same Hexco Spelling Bee.

In 2019, seven of the eight octochamps used Hexco products. 94% of those who advanced to the finals on ESPN were Hexco customers, and 31% of the finalists were coached. Shruthika Padhy, one of the 2019 octochamps, 2017 winner Ananya Vinay, and the 2015 National Spelling Bee champion Gokul Venkatachalam were in Hexco's Personal Spelling Coach program along with many runners-up over time!

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Start now to get a sizable number of words under your student's belt before the annual lists are released in the fall! Hexco's PSC program is designed to challenge and encourage serious students who are working toward advanced placement in the National Spelling Bee (NSB), the North South Foundation Bee, and/or the South Asian Bee. Experienced spellers attest that, at the highest levels of competition, the ability to "figure out" a word can be as vital as possessing a rich word foundation. Our coaches are trained to identify words your student has never seen before and emphasize understanding rules for spelling words from multiple language groups such as German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Hebrew, Latin, Greek, and more. Centered on advanced vocabulary augmentation and the understanding of language intricacies and patterns, PSC can help students optimize study time while tapping into longā€term memory.

8 Sessions - $1,725

This includes a brief assessment at no charge and 1 hour of one-on-one weekly or biweekly quizzing and coaching.

Assessment - $400

(Optional) With a thorough assessment, you will receive an in-depth, written analysis of what we learn from analyzing the answers to the test. The assessment is not required but is preferred.

Word lists in this select package are provided in eMentor format and are exclusive to our coached students. The eMentor lists are added to student accounts as assignments by the coach. All lists remain available to participants as long as they remain in the coaching program. Once a student exits the coaching program, access to the coaching lists will be discontinued two weeks after the last session. 


1. Language information and associated word lists
2. Additional word lists, including difficult-to-spell eponyms, homonyms, trademarks, etc.
3. Latin and Greek root assignments
4. Assignment of words in Verbomania and New Nat's Notes
5. Weekly quizzing on assigned word lists plus unfamiliar words to hone skills in fielding unknown words
6. Email feedback on student progress



Thank you again for the coaching, the guidance, the access and the support! We are no less excited for our third year of participation in the Oral Bee and look at this as an ongoing wondrous journey for which we’re grateful, regardless of outcome. Certainly for the word nerds in our family, this is a scintillating endeavor! ~C.L.

Personal coaching is non-refundable once you begin the program due to a limited number of slots available and the time it takes to customize sessions in advance. View or download non-disclosure form.

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OUR HEAD COACH - Michelle Horton

michelle hortonMichelle Horton is our original coach who assisted in developing the Spelling Coaching Program with Linda Tarrant. She has been coaching students using our system since 2008. She had been writing and editing Hexco products for several years before that. Prior to working with Hexco, Michelle coached all three of her children using Hexco products, and they together spelled at the National Bee a total of seven years. Michelle’s youngest, Mary, ultimately tied for fifth place at the NSB in her final attempt, and Jonathan, her oldest speller garnered the sixth place win. Michelle is an expert grammarian who holds a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education with a specialization in Chemistry. As head coach, she has developed instructions for approaching the spelling of words in various language families beyond what is in Hexco's Spelling Rules Book and has added multiple lists for many language families and beyond. Currently, Michelle is expanding the Personal Spelling Coach Program to include new areas for mastery by working with students in our coaching programs and in a new, unique approach to coaching very young spellers in our Beginning Track program. Her positive attitude helps build excellent rapport with students as she continues to receive stellar reviews from customers who have had the opportunity to benefit from her coaching, many of whom have made it to the higher rungs of the National Spelling Bee.

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