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75% of the 2019 National Spelling Bee Finalists had Verbomania.

  • 49% of the words in Round 3 at NSB 2019 could be found in Verbomania.
  • 33% of the words in the 2019 Written Round vocabulary section could be found in Verbomania.
  • 83% of the 2019 Round 3 words could be found in Verbomania, New Nat's Notes, and Blitz List.

Verbomania means "passion, craze, or obsession with words." This well-known and highly respected regional, state, and National Spelling Bee prep book contains over 13,000 vocabulary enriching, SAT-type words. These are some of the more dynamic and interesting nouns, verbs, and adjectives from the English language that form a strong spelling and vocabulary foundation. Words include definitions, phonetic pronunciations, parts of speech, and language of origin. Random sequence includes etymology and pronunciations. Alpha sequence has been revised to include shortened etymology and pronunciations. Words in Verbomania are typical of words found in spelling competitions and historically, many of the words in the earlier rounds of the National Spelling Bee have been found in this volume. Read our After a Spell annual newsletter to see how kids who used Verbomania fared in last year’s Bee. (Note: This product is not returnable.)

Note: The current version of this printed product follows the Merriam Webster Third New International Dictionary pronunciations, parts or speech and definition. It has not been updated to the online dictionary, which is the current resource used by Scripps (see 'Update' below). The eMentor version of Verbomania is in the process of being updated to agree with the online dictionary, but the printed version is not scheduled for reprinting at this time.

MORE: In 2017, Scripps declared Merriam-Webster's Unabridged online dictionary (subscription) as the new authority for the National Spelling Bee. Currently, we are updating our eMentor version of this product to reflect these changes. Over 20% of the words in this product have some change or another, either the elimination of the d-stop in pronunciation (butter is now only <BUHT.uhr>, and meter is now only <MEET.uhr>), a change in the part of speech (many geographic terms that were defined only as adjectives are not only nouns), the alteration of the ending sound of a word from ‘it’ to ‘uht’ (rabbit/pundit), or other small changes. Click here to order the eMentor version of Verbomania.

FAQ: Should I buy Random or Alpha sequence?
Traditionally, studying alphabetically has been the norm and seemingly the most logical since that is how the dictionary is arranged. However, Random sequence Verbomania can be more challenging than Alpha sequence since word prefixes cannot be assumed simply by knowing a word's alphabetical placement. For instance, if a speller has never seen the word gigantic, the first letter could sound like a "j" or a "g”. However, if the speller knew that they were studying in the "g" section, the challenge of spelling the word without a prompt might be missed. Random sequence is enjoyed by parents or coaches who strive to keep assignments varied and interesting while making verbal quizzing sessions more indicative of a student's knowledge. Click the above links to view inside each product before buying. Good luck and good spelling!


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2 Reviews

  • 5

    Published by Unknown on 30th Jan 2013

    I have just started memorizing it and, although it is not nearly as challenging as New Nat's Notes, I believe it will help any student preparing for Nationals.

  • 4
    Pretty good

    Published by unsigned on 10th May 2011

    This was a good book with a lot of helpful vocabulary words. Although it was a good book, I think it would be more helpful for those who are studying for SATs and want to expand their vocabularies. But, it is still a very useful book.

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