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Are you new to spelling? Don't know where to start?

Follow the steps below to find out what your speller should be studying!

1) School & Classroom Bees

Master Scripps' Class & School Spelling Bee Study List which is found in the "Words of the Champions - Your Key to the Bee" list. If a bee runs out of words, "off-list" words are used to determine a winner. If you have a very competitive school bee, your school may use some of the other words found in "Words of the Champions." We recommend Spell Buddy books for additional off-list study words. Read our BLOG.

2) District, County, Region, & State Bees

Historically, District and County Bees usually started with a combination of the Scripps' Class & School Spelling Bee Study List Scripps' Spell It! list. Region and State Spelling Bees generally started with Spell It words and then went off-list after several rounds. In 2019, however, there were changes in the study list and the word count nearly tripled. That said, focus on mastering all of the words in "Words of the Champions" first, then study more off-list words. Also learn the word meanings in case vocabulary is introduced.

3) National Spelling Bee

Make sure you learn the off-list words provided by Scripps to spellers attending the National Bee. You can download these words when you register with Scripps on the National Spelling Bee website about the 2nd week of April. This list contains approximately 600 of the off-list words given at various Regional or State bees.

For additional study for the National Bee, continue reading!

4) Download After-a-Spell

This is a Round-by-Round report of the last spelling bee in Washington so you can better understand where the words in each round come from and how Hexco products fared.

5) Grow Your Word Bank

We recommend that you expand your spelling foundation to about 30,000+ words.

Top word lists ranked from beginner to advanced:

Use the "Look Inside" feature for any of the printed products to determine which product is best for your speller! The eMentor products are in the same order as the printed books.

6) Enhance Your Word Knowledge

Improve your performance by mastering spelling rules, etymology, and vocabulary.

Top products for building word foundation:

7) eMentor Portal

If you are considering any of our products in the eMentor format, sign up for a free demo to see how it works. This platform will help spellers   master   words with a customized, state-of-the-art portal. Includes audio!

8) Consider Spelling Coaching

In addition to the Personal Spelling Coaching Program, we also offer several online group courses: Bee-Ginner Circle for beginner spellers, Fast Track to Spelling for intermediate spellers, Bee Bound for spellers preparing for region levels, and for spellers going to the National Spelling Bee, our Crash Course!

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