Unlocking 'Words of the Champions - Your Key to the Bee "

Unlocking 'Words of the Champions - Your Key to the Bee "

Published by Hexco Academic on 28th Aug 2019

Annually, the National Spelling Bee makes some type of change to the Bee's format or rules. In 2019, Scripps replaced Spell It with Words of the Champions - Your Key to the Bee for a total of 4,000 words instead of 450 Class and School Words and 1,156 words in Spell It, which had remained the same for over ten years.

As many longtime customers are friends and are already calling our office to learn more--it's clear that the logophiles are fervid to tackle and understand this recent chapter in National Spelling Bee study! The updated list also arrives as an especially welcome addition to new spelling families who felt that 'veteran' spellers, who had years of spelling under their belt, had already memorized "Spell It." We feel this is a win-win for all and are happy to share this brief summary as well as our recommendations.


In the new Words of the Champions list, you will also find 450 words marked for school bee study. Be sure to find those right away to get past the first step! The Words of the Champions list can be found on www.spellingbee.com. (By the way, don't get  the official Words of the Champions list mixed up with Words From the Champs book by the Hathwars, this is not the same thing!)


We compared Words of the Champions - Your Key the Bee against our own word files to see how many of these words are already in Hexco products. If you have studied these already, you may have a little head start! (You may also want to purchase these products for extra reinforcement of your "Words of the Champions" study in order to add many more words to your ever-expanding 'word bank.')

  • Spell Buddy or Spell Buddy eMentor has 28% of all words marked School Spelling Bee Study List (scattered over all eight volumes). There are still only 450 words to study for most School and Classroom bees, so our advice is simply to start learning these starting from the easiest to the most difficult. Remember that even RSVBee participants are said to require at least winning their school bee. So don't waste time. Start studying the new 2019-20 school and classroom list today!
  • 79% of the words marked Words of the Champions can be found in Verbomania (or Verbo eMentor) and New Nat's Notes or NNN eMentor. In summary, Hexco spelling veterans may have already mastered many of these words, but don't take your memory for granted, test yourself continuously. Also, make sure you know the word meanings as well as the spelling of the words.
  • If you want to add additional words to your word bank and have already mastered all of the above, try our Blitz List or Blitz eMentor or Webster Detector.

Questions? Drop us a line!


Good luck and good spelling!

AP Photo by Patrick Semansky

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