UIL Computer Applications

The Texas UIL Computer Applications contest challenges students' working knowledge of Excel, Access, and Word

... and ultimately combines the use of these applications into multiple printouts that are used for grading. In order to do well in the UIL Computer Apps contest, students will need to know how to create Pivot Tables, write IF Statements, use the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions in Excel, write formulas for dates and times, and know how to manipulate a variety of complex formulas. Students should also know how to create and use Queries in Access; Microsoft Word skills are also required.


Hexco’s Computer Applications products are written by Linda Tarrant, President of Hexco Academic who also serves as the UIL State Contest Director for Computer Applications. Beth Bryant is also a co-writer and editor and is an indispensable asset to our company and this contest. Our practice tests and invitationals closely mimic official UIL tests to help students perform well and advance in this contest. Most of our customers highly praise our Computer Applications video series for learning the skills needed for the contest. We also offer Concepts Books which cover the Microsoft features one needs to be aware of in order to maximize potential in the contest. Lastly, we offer Practice Packets. Practice Packets for Computer Applications are sets of tests that have been used in the previous season’s invitationals. Each Practice Packet contains 6 tests with scoring sheets, printouts for grading, and a mandatory tie breaker.

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