Computer Applications - USB Solutions

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Computer Applications USB Solutions

UIL COMPUTER APPLICATIONS USB SOLUTIONS are just $27 per subject! Peek at the functions, formulas, and queries used in Concepts books and Practice Packets! By viewing and comparing our working files, figuring out how we came up with the solutions is simple. USB Solutions contain the actual files for producing the reports, printouts, charts, and documents found in their corresponding Concepts Book(s) or Practice Packets or Region-State Practice Packets. Wondering what "went wrong" when you tried it on your own? No more scratching your head! USB Solutions are often the key to discovering why you or your students obtained a different result.

Pair your USB Solutions with its matching Concepts Book below to get the most out of your UIL Computer Applications practice sessions! Recommended for UIL coaches/instructors. 

Match Solutions with these Concepts Books:

Match Solutions with these Practice Packets.

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