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UIL Computer Applications Concepts - All Six Volumes

Each Concepts book for the UIL Computer Applications contest contains steps for a student to follow then asks for verification that results are correct. Additional sample exercises are included to help students prepare for the Texas UIL Computer Applications competition. ALL Concepts books have been updated in 2018 for Office 2016, and may be used with Office 2013 and Office 2010, but there are some differences.

This set contains one book of each of the following:

Each book starts with basic concepts and expand to a very high level of skill.

Add Computer Apps Solutions CDs for just $22 per subject. Peek at the functions, formulas, and queries used in Concepts books! By viewing and comparing our working files, you can easily figure out how we came up with the correct solution. Wondering what "went wrong" when you tried it own your own? Solutions CDs are often the key to discovering why you or your students got a different result. 

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