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Classroom Invitationals are easier than UIL Virtual Meets and can fit in any budget!

Missed a meet? Want more practice for students at your immediate school? We can send our official tests directly to you just a few weeks after a meet is over!  UIL Classroom Invitationals are especially useful for 'extra' annual topic testing and ideal for individual students who are aiming toward mastery. Classroom Invitationals provide an affordable way to "keep up" with your peer schools without having to attend every meet. REMEMBER: These tests have already been taken and seen by other schools and are for use at your immediate school only for the purpose of practice! If you are hosting a meet where other schools attend, buy a hosted invitational instead. Have fun!

The table below shows when official dates are given and when Classroom Invitationals leave our office for shipping which is a few weeks after the official test date. Please buy for your school only.





Oct. 14, 2023

Mon. Oct. 30, 2024


Oct. 28, 2023

Mon. Nov. 13, 2024


Nov. 4, 2023

Mon. Nov. 20, 2024


Nov. 11, 2023

Mon. Nov. 27, 2024


Dec. 2, 2023

Mon. Dec. 18, 2024


Dec. 9, 2023

Weds. Dec. 27, 2024


Jan. 13, 2024

Mon. Jan. 29, 2024


Jan. 20, 2024

Mon. Feb. 5, 2024


Jan. 27, 2024

Mon. Feb. 12, 2024


Feb. 17, 2024

Mon. Mar. 4, 2024


Feb. 24, 2024

Mon. Mar. 11, 2024


March 2, 2024

Mon. Mar. 18, 2024


Unique and professionally written tests are available for specific dates as shown on schedule above. If your school selects dates other than the dates shown, please understand that you assume the risk of shared test content from a previous invitational meet. Hexco encourages fairness by asking all customers to plan early and host invitational meets on the same day statewide.

How it works

Classroom Invitationals are the same tests that are given on any of our 12 official test dates, but they are sent to you approximately two weeks later in order to keep tests used for hosted meets still unique and unseen. If you are hosting a meet in which other schools attend, please buy our hosted meet invitationals instead.

We have UIL practice tests in Accounting, Current Events, Computer Applications, Journalism, Literary Criticism, Number Sense, Ready Writing, Social Studies, Science, and Spelling.

Why Buy Hexco Classroom Invitationals?

  • Keep up with peer schools without having to attend every meet
  • Experienced writers include:
    • Current and past UIL contest directors
    • Nationally published and recognized writers and speakers
  • No deadlines for administering tests!
  • No submitting scores!
  • You score your own tests and keep the tests and the answer keys!

No sharing keeps our authors off the street.

Classroom Invitationals can be administered to your own students at your own school only at the convenience of the teacher or coach, and answer keys are included. The purchase of any classroom tests requires that you agree to copyright law this product which prohibits sharing any test with anyone from another school, not even with schools in your own district. We can continue to help stretch your budgets if you kindly abide by our copyright rule, which helps us pay our outstanding team of experienced writers.

I want a test that my students have not yet seen.

Unless you just want your own copy of a test that your students have taken at a previous meet, and this is certainly encouraged, compare our official test dates with meets you are attending. Then, choose dates for your classroom tests that are a few weeks before or after your meet date(s).

EXAMPLE: Invitational "Fall A" is designated for Saturday, October 19th. This means, that any school that purchased this test to use at their hosted meet can technically use this test for a meet on Saturday, October 26th or any single date up to Sunday, November 2nd. Although discouraged to avoid scheduling conflicts, this allows the hosting school 3 full weekends to administer the Fall A test. Once that time period is over, we sell those same tests to individual schools for a discounted price as "Classroom Invitationals." Obviously, if your students are attending a meet within that 3 weekend time frame, AND you are purchasing Fall-A, you may be purchasing the same test that your students have taken. 

Note that all of our Invitationals whether hosted or classroom are labeled with the Hexco name and are marked either "Fall" or "Spring" and whether they are test A - F. If you took, or plan to take, a Hexco test marked "Fall A," you may want to buy "Fall B" or "Fall C" and so on if you want tests that have not been seen by your students. Make a note of any Hexco tests you take so you can organize and optimize your UIL practice

No PO# yet?

Not a problem, just order the tests you need today and choose "Check out with a Purchase Order" and let us know your plans in the "Comments" area.  We just need the Purchase Order number before your tests are shipped.

Grading & Scoring

Answer keys are provided with your test order and you will be responsible for your own grading.  Classroom Invitationals are for practice only and scores/totals do not need to be submitted.  Unlike UIL Virtual Meets that require additional work for coaches once the test is completed, grading is conducted at your own convenience. Classroom Invitationals can be administered at the discretion of the coach or teacher. Coaches, before you share our tests with your students, please take the tests on your own and contact us if you have any issues.

TIP: Provide winners and participants with certificates or school ribbons! Enjoy your Classroom Invitationals!

Contact Us

We are available during regular business hours 9am to 5pm on Monday - Friday to answer questions and on the Saturdays of Hexco Invitational dates at 830.367.3825. Email questions to hexco@hexco.com.

By submitting this order, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:  As your invitational test provider, please note that the copyright for tests covers distribution for the named test date(s) at one physical location only. Classroom Invitationals are sold to individual schools only; therefore, students from other schools may not be invited to participate under your school's name or account. The school participating in the meet is also responsible for adhering to copyright law which prohibits the sharing or reselling of copyrighted material with anyone. This precludes sharing with coaches or students from other schools via mail, fax, email, or simply “passing along.” Hexco materials may not be posted online even after the meet has concluded. Please make only enough copies for your students and the instructor.


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