History and Geography Coaching

History and Geography Coaching

Published by Beth Mader on 9th Jun 2021

Hexco specializes in personal coaching and is now enrolling until our coaches' schedules are maximized. Personal coaching provides a way to engage, teach, and test students simultaneously through the instruction of an online coach.

Personal History Coaching

Maximize your performance and feel more confident at the National History Bee or History Bowl by enrolling in our Personal History Coaching (PHC) program! Coaching includes biweekly, personalized assignments based on the student's assessment, special areas of focus that covers U.S. and World History, Dynasties, World Leaders, Wars, Art, and Literature, open-ended questions and discussions for improved comprehension, and personalized follow-up emails with the student and parents.

Some of the recommended student resources include Hexco's History Essentials (required), a subscription to Encyclopedia Britannica, and Hexco's History Snapshots: U.S. 1900-1949History Snapshots: Europe, Ancient and Classical, and Current Issues & Events NotesAll PHC students qualified for the National History Bee's Regional and National Finals in 2019!

Personal Geography Coaching

Hexco's Personal Geography Coaching (PGC) program is ideal for contestants preparing to compete in the National Geographic Bee, the higher rungs in the North South Foundation geography competition, and other geography contests. Ideally, students in the PGC coaching program will have studied beyond the basics of geography and are ready to tackle higher-level skills.

Coaching includes an assessment to determine each student's skill level and background in the subject before beginning the first 8 class sessions, weekly or biweekly personalized lessons conducted over Skype or by phone, and personalized follow-up emails after each class session to track progress.

Required student resources include Hexco's Geo eMentor and/or GeoTests in FoundationsIntermediate, or Advanced, and access to Google Sheets. It is also recommended to have a subscription to Encyclopedia Britannica and to purchase a copy of Hexco's Current Issues & Events Notes.

Tuition is based on 8 or 16 sessions. For more information about Hexco's coaching programs and the experienced coaches, click HERE. You can also fill out the Coaching Interest Form for more information.

Good luck and good studying!