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Hexco's Personal Geo Coaching program is ideal for contestants preparing to compete in the National Geographic Bee, the higher rungs in the North South Foundation geography competition, and other geography contests. Ideally, students in our coaching program will have studied beyond the basics of geography and are ready to tackle higher-level skills.


- An assessment to determine each student's skill level and background in the subject before beginning the first 8 class sessions
- Weekly or biweekly personalized lessons conducted over Skype or by phone
- Personalized follow-up emails after each class session to track progress


- 8 Sessions: $1,900 includes your initial assessment and eight 1-hour-long weekly or biweekly quizzing and coaching sessions
- 16 Sessions: $3,100 includes your initial assessment and eight 1-hour-long weekly or biweekly quizzing and coaching sessions


Our coach, Jonathan Horton, is exceptional and has been working with students at these high levels for several years in the spelling coach arena. He participated in the National Geographic Bee early on, making him well-versed in its workings. As the coauthor of our GeoTests Foundations product, Jonathan is adept at laying the groundwork to help students field questions with multiple embedded facts.
Jonathan participated in the National Spelling Bee in 2005, 2006, and 2007, achieving a nationwide placement of 22nd, 6th, and 8th place in each respective year. Since then, he has successfully coached several students to the upper echelons of the National Spelling Bee in Hexco's Personal Spelling Coaching program. He has obtained a Bachelor of Science from George Mason University as a double major in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. He is currently working as a developer with a prominent company in Champaign, Illinois, while coaching students for Hexco in his time off. His love and knowledge of words and languages is deep. He enjoys working with his students by sharing his knowledge base and teaching them effective strategies that will help them build theirs.

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