Written Round Readiness - eMentor Classroom

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Written Round Readiness - eMentor Classroom

Written Round Readiness 1, 2, and 3 is designed to help you practice for the Written Rounds of the National Spelling Bee.

Each Volume contains a total of 260 multiple-choice questions and is a mix of both spelling and vocabulary to mimic the rounds in the National Spelling Bee. We recommend that you try this product using the links above before you buy as this product is non-refundable and non-returnable. The discounted set of 3 volumes at $199 contains a total of 780 words. Good for one year.

  • Browser-based, log into your virtual classroom with a username and password
  • 'Save' progress at any time during test
  • Click 'completed' tab to re-take tests for unlimited practice!
  • Students can print 'Completion Certificates' with scores to submit to coach
  • Subscription-based; good for one year from date of purchase

In 2014 and 2015, the written rounds contained 12 spelling words and 14 vocabulary words, and the test was given using a Scantron, and therefore, the test was all multiple-choice. Note that two of the 14 vocabulary words were not just worth one point, but 3 points each!  So study your definitions, as well as your spelling, and use this product to get comfortable with the format before you get to the National Spelling Bee.

FAQIs this product exactly the same as the written round test or format? No, and we can never tell exactly what will happen year-to-year. We base our practice tests on what happened in previous or recent year's spelling bees. The key difference is that with this product, we do not read all of the word information. Instead, we show it in print (i.e., phonetic pronunciation, parts of speech, definition, and abbreviated etymology), and this is presented along with a digital audio file that plays the word. Try this spelling section, then try this vocabulary section before you buy to see how it works! The idea is to get used to being shown multiple spellings or definitions for one word, and this is done in an effort to help you process information more quickly when you are at the National Spelling Bee. Read more about the history or the NSB written rounds.

Best of luck to all our spellers!

NOTE - This product uses a different login area which is not the same as our spelling eMentor area - LOGIN HERE TO USE THIS PRODUCT!

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