Etyma eMentor - Latin, Greek, or BOTH!

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Learn Etymology Efficiently!

Understanding word roots and origins is often a key element in choosing the correct letters in a spelling bee! Etyma eMentor works with our Spelling eMentor program which saves progress including missed words, and you can star words, for study later. Etyma products also give examples of 'easy words' and 'hard word's so you can apply what you learn to practical knowledge and view words one might see in a bee! Note that this particular product has no sound due to the very, very short length of many word parts (and this just sounds 'odd' in recordings!). Please sign up for a free demo to understand how this works 'before you buy' as this purchase in non-refundable. We've included a couple of screenshots so you can see the layout!

Etyma eMentor Latin Includes:

  • Basic Latin - 150 Roots, 50 Prefixes, 25 Suffixes
  • Intermediate Latin - 150 Roots, 50 Prefixes, 25 Suffixes
  • Advanced Latin - 225 Roots


Etyma eMentor Greek Includes:

  • Basic Greek - 150 Roots, 50 Prefixes, 25 Suffixes
  • Intermediate Greek - 150 Roots, 50 Prefixes, 25 Suffixes
  • Advanced Greek - 225 Roots



  • Saves missed words/word parts until all are mastered!
  • Saves results when you login and log out
  • Keeps track of progress
  • Select “All Words Ever Missed” to make sure you never miss those words or word parts again!
  • Perfect “All Words Missed on the Last Attempt” (Note, this means your last attempt at the word). Hint: Keep working on words in this list until you get this number down to zero words missed on the last attempt.
  • Work on your “Starred Words” – While you are studying, you can “star” words that you want to study more later.  (Note, you can “unstar” words at any time)
  • Ask for the next letter in a word
  • Ask to show the whole word if you don’t know how to spell a word or word part
  • Attempt all words in any set at any time to keep perfecting your spelling
  • No need for a mouse. Just type and click 'enter' on your keyboard to go through words quickly!


  • Browser-based, tracks progress for one user
  • Accessible for one year from any browser on a PC or Mac computer (currently not mobile or iPad, or iPhone compatible)
  • Subscription-based; good for one year from date of purchase
  • Non-refundable and non-returnable, try FREE Sampler before you buy!

Orders are processed manually by our office staff M-F from 9:00am-3:00pm. Please check your email for login information periodically after you order. If you have signed up for our free sample, the product you have purchased will be added to that account unless a different email address is provided.

FAQ: Why do some spellers at the bee ask for the etymology of a word?  Are they just buying time?
Some are just buying time, however many have studied language patterns and Greek and Latin roots. They are fishing for clues to spell an unfamiliar word. For instance, Japanese, Spanish, Greek and Latin words follow fairly consistent rules for spelling. Once you know these rules, and you know that a word is from one of these languages, your chance of guessing a correct spelling is increased enormously. Once you know, for instance, that the Greek root
–phag- means to eat, you are equipped to spell a fairly large number of words, such as esophagus, sarcophagus, bibliophagous, and biophagous. These all appear to be 50-cent words, but they are spelled exactly like they sound once your know phag is pronounced in each of these words.

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