UIL Spelling - A+

Hexco's online eMentor app for UIL Spelling mastery helps students practice the words on the official UIL A+ spelling list for grades 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8. Instead of having to call out students' missed words, the online app does all the work, not only pronouncing words for students, but saving each students missed words to a drop-down called "words missed on last attempt." When the student logs out and logs and back in, they can choose to practice their missed words only, or start where they left off the last time, or spell all words again. Each student gets his or her own username and password which are set up by the teacher or coach once the account is activated by Hexco. Then, students simply login to our Spelling eMentor area. Other features such as "star" a word are also included. Teachers can see how many times a student has studied and send study reminders through the portal. Excellent for those who desire to learn a large number of words quickly and efficiently. Hexco's spelling tool is also used by National Spelling Bee contestants and champions. We also have a Spelling Complement book which has the annual UIL A+ words with added information, and Spell Buddy books and eMentors for those who want additional spelling words that are grade-appropriate.

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