My bee is only a few weeks away, what should I study?

My child has only a few weeks to study for his/her bee, what should he/she study?

This depends on what the student has already studied. For instance, if a speller has mastered all the words in Scripps' annual study list or in Valerie's Supplement, we would suggest studying a large block of words to expand a speller's foundation as quickly as possible. Expanding a speller's word foundation can start with Verbomania containing 13,000 words, most of which are vocabulary enriching (also available in Verbo eMentor online software). Note that words in this collection are typically not the obtuse words used at the higher rungs of the National Bee. Or, one can start with or add an older collection of words, such as the Paideia Lists or Valerie's Supplement Classics in printed format. For the analytical student who would rather try to relate spellings to Latin and Greek elements or to rules, we suggest Etyma Notes for Latin and Greek elements. Or, try the Spelling Rules Book for etymology, understanding spelling rules and conventions, and for rules in spelling words from other languages. Updated in 2016, The Spelling Rules Book provides valuable word study, along with each rule, Latin or Greek element, or description of the rules for spelling words from a given language.

Now, if your student has been participating in bees for several years and already has a spelling foundation of around 10,000 words, we would send you straight on to New Nat's Notes or New Nat's eMentor and the collection of esoteric words that have been used in past bees or found on past annual study lists.

Up to the challenge for a little cramming? Hexco offers a five-week Spelling Crash Course before the National Spelling Bee. Inquire by calling 830.367.3825 or contacting us via our contact form.

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