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UIL Literary Criticism Practice Packet eMentors for 2023-24 contain the same questions as our printed Literary Criticism Practice Packets but allows students to practice online. Each student receives their own username, and a group password is assigned. This enables coaches to log in as each student to check progress at any time.


  • Each practice packet eMentor contains six challenging tests.
  • Each test consists of 65 multiple-choice questions and a tiebreaker essay prompt.
  • All exams cover the annual reading selections and test knowledge of literary terms, history, and reading ability.
  • Essay responses are saved under each student's ID name for grading or review by a teacher or coach.
  • Packet 1 is released in the fall, and Packet 2 is released in January.  


  • eMentor is browser-based, iPhone, iPad, and Android compatible, and works on most devices with Internet access.
  • 'Save' your progress at any time while taking a test.
  • Click the 'Completed' tab to retake tests for unlimited practice.
  • Students can print 'Completion Certificates' with scores to submit to their coach or guardian.
  • Practice packet eMentors are subscription-based and expire on June 1st of the academic year.


"Lit Crit Notes" and "Lit Crit Practice Packets" are written by Jennifer Bussey and her team of writers. Bussey is a freelance educational writer specializing in literature with almost 25 years' experience and has authored Hexco's Lit Crit products since 1999. She has a B.A. in English Literature and an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies. Her team consists of Luke HardtLisa Holmes, and Joshua Prybylski. Hardt is a retired Professor of Theater with over 30 years' experience teaching at the college level, including every aspect of drama from understanding plays to performing them. He has directed more than 85 plays in his career. Holmes is an educational writer with over 20 years' experience as a high school English teacher, exploring texts across genres and literary periods with numerous students. In addition, she is an experienced writer of book abstracts, lessons, and tests. Przybylski has over 10 years' experience as a teacher--both in person and online--and as a writer and researcher. His experience with high school students spans an impressive range of abilities, interests, and cultural backgrounds, and his expert grasp of literature make him uniquely skilled in opening up literary texts to students.


UIL and TAPPS assign the same Literary Criticism reading selections each year, and Hexco writes the state TAPPS exam. Please note that the time allotted on TAPPS tests differs from UIL, and the point values on Lit Crit tests vary. View your competition rules for more details.
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