Lit Crit Concepts for UIL - Complete Set

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Lit Crit Concepts - Complete Set of 4 

Lit Crit Concepts by author Jennifer Bussey makes getting the “big picture” a breeze with easy-to-understand lists, tables, and charts. Based on A Handbook to Literature by Harmon and Holman, Lit Crit Concepts Volumes 1 and 2 distinguish material as Basic or Beyond basic. This product is highly recommended for anyone studying for the UIL Literary Criticism contest. 

Lit Crit Concepts - Set of 4 contains one book in each of the following areas:

  • Volume 1 - History gives context with at-a-glance overviews of periods, major writers in each genre, and other events within each period.
  • Volume 2 - Terms is organized by genre, with chapters on Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Drama, and more! This volume also contains "pop” quizzes and practice sheets where applicable. 
  • Volume 3 - Essay makes “sizing up” selections less daunting, and can help turn shaky writers into concise, creative ones. This volume helps students understand what judges are expecting and includes how-to’s for pulling an essay together from beginning to end. Set of three consists of one book in each subject. Team sets consist of five books in any one volume/subject.
  • Volume 4 - Nobel & Pulitzer Prizes tackles the endless lists of literary prizes covered on the test. Prize lists are broken out by decade, geography, ethnicity, and anomalies to bring meaning to the lists, which results in better recall. And by cross-referencing all winners with entries in the Handbook, we have done the work so you have everything you need at a glance.  

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