• What does UIL Stand For?

    4th Mar 2020

    What does UIL Stand For?

    Founded in 1913, University Interscholastic League (UIL) was formed under the umbrella of the University of Texas at Austin from the Interscholastic Athletics (IAA) and the Debating and Declamatio…

    Published by Jennifer King

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  • UIL Computer Applications Contest Tips

    17th Feb 2020

    UIL Computer Applications Contest Tips

    If you FIND yourself having to LOOKUP formulas, rules, or notes all the TIME, this is the EXACT information you need! Whether you are new to the contest or gearing up for State, the following…

    Published by Beth Mader

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  • The Original Spelling 'App'

    13th Sep 2019

    The Original Spelling 'App'

    For many years, words and word information used at the National Spelling Bee were only found in printed form in the dictionary. It was the Hexco family and the "Spelling Sisters" who began to make s…

    Published by Hexco Academic

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  • Who Can you Trust?

    17th Apr 2019

    Who Can you Trust?

    With the 2019 National Spelling Bee quickly approaching, Hexco has been busy preparing our world of spellers to have the tools they need to tackle even the most difficult word that Dr. Bailley can t…

    Published by Noel Putnam

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  • Go Fund Bee

    9th Apr 2019

    Go Fund Bee

    Since the institution of the RSVBee, numerous students and families have taken to Go Fund Me to help pay various expenses towards participation in the National Spelling Bee. We are collecting and shar…

    Published by Hexco Academic

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  • Keeping Current Events 'Current'

    10th Jan 2019

    Keeping Current Events 'Current'

    There have been two big challenges with the Current Issues and Events contest: (1) keeping the contest questions current; and (2) reporting on something besides the White House.News changes and…

    Published by Bradley Wilson, PhD

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  • Keeping Your UIL Invitationals Confidential

    8th Jan 2019

    Keeping Your UIL Invitationals Confidential

    If you are buying UIL invitationals from Hexco for hosting a meet, you will notice that each test is assigned to a specific date. This is the official test date. Our "official test dates" are much lik…

    Published by orders(at)

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