NHB Regional Finals in 2018

NHB Regional Finals in 2018

Published by Keisha Bedwell on 22nd Feb 2017

New to the National History Bee? A seasoned competitor looking to find out what's changed? Here's what to expect when you qualify for Regionals.

Regional Structure

Thirty-eight Regional Finals are held across the U.S. I've attended Texas finals for the past three years, and watched the structure of the NHB evolve. This year, the structure is as follows:

  • When students walk in the door and register at their Regional bee, they are given a group and competitor code, as well as a schedule.
  • There are two rounds of buzzer play. One round addresses U.S. History, and the other addresses World History. Students are divided into groups of eight for each of these buzzer rounds. Once a student answers eight questions correctly, they clep out and join the audience for the remainder of that round. If a student makes four incorrect interrupts, they are asked to join the audience for the remainder of the round. At the Austin, TX Regional tournament that I attended, each buzzer round consisted of 25 questions.
  • In addition to the two buzzer rounds, students take two digital tests on an iPad. One addresses U.S. History and the other addresses World History, and they consist of multiple choice questions.
  • After each of these tests are completed, the top eight students in each division are selected and compete in a Championship buzzer round. The questions in this round include both U.S. and World History. The winner of each division is crowned the regional champ!
  • Those who qualify for nationals will be invited to attend the National History Fair and compete for the championship title in June. It will be held in Atlanta, GA.

Studying for Regionals

  • Half of the tests address U.S. History and the other half address World History. Be sure to dabble in both areas of study.
  • History is a broad topic, and it can be difficult to decide where to start. The 2nd edition of Hexco's History Essentials is a great place to begin. This book is divided into sections by region, and each section includes a timeline of important historical events. A portion of each sale goes directly to the NHB.
  • Take a look at the Official Study Guide. This pamphlet includes a LOT of information and gives you an idea of topics that could be included in questions at the contest. Be sure to read through the items on this list, and target any areas you are not familiar with.
  • Hexco also offers a Personal History Coaching program. First, coached students are given an assessment. After this assessment is given, coaches evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and tailor a personalized curriculum to meet their needs. Limited spaces are available.

The most important thing to remember about your Regional tournament is to have fun!

Best of luck,

Keisha & the Hexco Crew

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