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Spelling bee newsletters since 1991 the most recent issue!

30+ Years of Spelling Bees contains all of Hexco's After a Spell spelling bee newsletters from the years 1991 to the current published year. (After a Spell is Hexco's annual newsletter that reviews the spelling year for the National Spelling Bee.) Articles by top spellers in the nation are featured, percentages of words found in our products are highlighted, and changes instituted for bees are recapped. Words used at the National Spelling Bee and regional bees from 1991 to the most recently published newsletter are included, which make an excellent resource to prepare for your own bee.

We have been collecting words and writing spelling bee products for over 35 years. Formerly called our After a Spell Collection, we are proud to offer this product with over 30 years of National Spelling Bee newsletters complete with annual word lists in one printed product.

Good luck and good spelling!

Note: Some pages include ads that are no longer valid as the book features actual Hexco newsletters as they were printed. View inside before buying as this product is non-refundable and non-returnable.

While I was preparing to attend Scripps' (National Spelling bee), I received a newsletter in the mail from HEXCO. I became excited to learn things about the spelling bee that I never knew and probably would not have known had it not been for HEXCO. After arriving at the bee I realized that this magazine had really given me valuable insights into how the spelling bee operates..." ~ Owayne Rodney, 2010 National Spelling Bee participant and Hexco customer.

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    Extremely small fonts

    Published by Leela Rao on 8th May 2020

    Hi, You have done a great job compiling the 20 years for National Spelling bee, but unfortunately I will have to give a three star because of the size of fonts. People buy this product mainly for the lust of words and the font size is small. Kindly try and improve this aspect. Thanks HEXCO RESPONSE: Many thanks for your honest review. In the product description we noted "...the book features actual Hexco newsletters as they were printed" and we agree that over the years our font size has varied! While many are looking for a "study list"* when purchasing this product (because it contains words used annually at spelling bees), many also enjoy reading the 'story' as to what unfolded at the National Spelling Bee year after year. For instance, the written round format has changed frequently over the years and many families aim to understand these nuances or surmise future changes. Some simply enjoy reminiscing over what it was like participating at the National Spelling Bee many years ago and how the bee has evolved. Others buy this to look for patterns in words in an attempt to try to 'predict' what could come next. Generally speaking, this volume is intended to give spellers more information about the actual spelling bee and those who have risen to the highest placements. Spellers' stories are shared, some of which are written in their own words--these have served as a comfort to contestants who are competing at the National Spelling Bee for the first time. It may also be helpful to know that all of the words in this book can also be found in our published eMentor or printed products and include pronunciation(s), definition(s), part(s) of speech, language(s) of origin, and an audio recording of each word. Thank you once again for choosing our products and for sharing your thoughts. We will certainly consider font sizes as we publish future volumes. *Reminder to all customers--all of our products are copyrighted and are therefore, may not be copied without permission. We also work closely with Quizlet and other online portals who remove Hexco content due to our rights under this law. It is a misconception that copying for personal use is not an infringement of copyright. The Copyright.gov website states, "...there is no formula to ensure that a predetermined percentage or amount of a work—or specific number of words, lines, pages, copies—may be used without permission." (Source: https://www.copyright.gov/fair-use/more-info.html)

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