UIL Chess - Practice Packet for Grades 4-5 or 6-8

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look inside chess puzzle practice packet grades 4-5 look inside chess puzzle practice packet grades 6-8

UIL CHESS - Master the Ability to Determine the Best Move

Get packets of 6 tests for 'extra' practice to help you prepare for the UIL A+ Chess Puzzle contest. Hexco's unique Chess Puzzle Practice Packets aims to test knowledge of chess rules and tactics, as well a student's ability to determine the best move in a given position. Understanding how pieces move, knowing their material value, and comprehending chess notation is fundamental in mastering these puzzles, and combined with some strategy, will improve both a student's chess skills and analytical thinking!

The UIL Chess Puzzle Practice Packet includes

  • 6 Practice Tests
    • 20 questions per test
    • 1 tiebreaker composed of 8 questions
  • Grading Materials
    • Answer Sheet
    • Answer Keys

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