Should I buy Random or Alpha Sequence?

Traditionally, studying alphabetically has been the norm and seemingly the most logical since that is how the dictionary is arranged. However, Random Sequence New Nat's Notes & Verbomania can be more challenging than Alpha Sequence since word prefixes cannot be assumed simply by knowing a word's alphabetical placement. For instance, if a speller has never seen the word , the first letter could sound like a "j" or a "g”. However, if the speller knew that they were studying in the "g" section, the challenge of spelling the word without a prompt might be missed. Random Sequence is enjoyed by parents or coaches who strive to keep assignments varied and interesting while making verbal quizzing sessions more indicative of a student's knowledge. If finding or 'looking up' a particular word in our Random Sequence is of concern, rest assured that each printed volume of New Nat's Notes & Verbomania also contains an alphabetized index. The New Nat's Notes eMentor and Verbomentor eMentor are in Random Sequence and cannot be sorted alphabetically, however the eMentor program remembers missed words to keep your study both organized and challenging!

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