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"Beekeeper's Bank" for 2024 Regional/National Study - 'Herculean' words eMentor!

Beekeeper's Regional/National Words eMentor - is a BRAND NEW web-based collection of words hand-selected by our company founder in 2024. (Most advanced spellers know that Hexco provides lists for spelling bees that often prepare students for the national level.)

Consisting of 800 words, BEEKEEPER'S contains spiny esoteric favorites of Linda Tarrant and the methodology or source will remain undisclosed, however, 36 NATIONAL SPELLING BEE CHAMPIONS HAVE USED HEXCO PRODUCTS.

If you have received an offer -- the code for this product is required at checkout as well as the link to an article about your win. We know you will enjoy this product! YOU WILL BE ASKED FOR YOUR PRODUCT CODE AT CHECKOUT (which is on the back of your gift card) IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED A FREE OFFER! NO credit card is required for complimentary access.


Our eMentor portal was engineered by Hexco to enable spellers to study all the words and gain mastery of missed words. Designed specifically for those who want to learn a large number of words quickly and efficiently, our eMentor platform has an attractive and responsive online interface combined with state-of-the-art memory capabilities. View this video showing some of our customer favorites in the National Spelling Bee category.

Try the FREE Spelling eMentor demo to learn more about our online platform!


  • Each Spelling eMentor saves missed words until all words are mastered.
  • It also saves results when you log in and log out and keeps track of your progress.
  • Audio, phonetic pronunciations, word origins, and definitions are included.
  • Select "All Words Ever Missed" to make sure you never miss those words again.
  • Perfect "All Words Missed on the Last Attempt" to master each list. (Note that this means your last attempt at the word.)
  • "Star" words that you want to study again. (Note that you can "unstar" words at any time.)
  • Ask for the next letter in a word.
  • Ask to show the whole word if you don't know how to spell a word.
  • Attempt all words in any set at any time to continue perfecting your spelling.
  • Type and click "enter" to quickly test yourself without depending on a mouse to move forward.


  • Browser-based, tracks progress for one user
  • Accessible from any browser on a PC or Mac computer and mobile device
  • Subscription-based; good for one year from date of purchase OR until FREE access expires, typically June 1st of current year.

LEVEL: Advanced to Expert

WORD COUNT: 800 highly advanced words

Orders are manually processed M-F from 9:00am-3:00pm. Please check your email for login information after you order. If you have signed up for our free sample, the product you have purchased will be added to that account unless a different email address is provided.

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