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National History Bee and Bowl registration opens

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Those familiar with the elementary and middle school divisions of the National History Bee and Bowl (NHBB) have likely noticed a few significant changes since last year's National Finals in Atlanta.

International Academic Competitions (IAC) has reassumed control of the elementary and middle school-level divisions of the NHBB from Academic Competition Enterprises (ACE). The NHBB's executive director is David Madden, and the new director of the elementary and middle school events is Jason Russell.

Madden, a former quiz bowl competitor, founded the NHBB in 2010. He is also a former Jeopardy champion and will make another appearance on the popular show this winter as a competitor in the Jeopardy All Stars Tournament. 

Initial registration for the bee recently opened, and the final deadline to register is January 19, 2019. For more information on the registration process, click here.

A few ways to prepare:

  • Review our U.S. History study guide.
  • Review our World History study guide.
  • Order our study book, History Essentials.
  • Try our coaching program.
  • Already working with all of the above? Take a look at our newest history textSnapshots: U.S. History from 1900-1949.

  • Here's to another great year of competition!

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