What does UIL Stand For?

What does UIL Stand For?

Published by Jennifer King on 4th Mar 2020

Founded in 1913, University Interscholastic League (UIL) was formed under the umbrella of the University of Texas at Austin from the Interscholastic Athletics (IAA) and the Debating and Declamation League of Texas. Well-known and respected in the state of Texas by schools, teachers, parents, and businesses, UIL places emphasis on excellence and achievement, which extends both inside and outside of the classroom. More than a half million students participate in UIL academics annually, and the contest prepares students for college by encouraging higher-level thinking skills and confidence through achievement.

The UIL offers contests in four main areas which are (1) Academics, (2) Athletics, (3) Music, and (4) Spirit. While many of these contests challenge individual students, many contests also incorporate a team element.

Participation in Texas UIL is known to increase college enrollment and scholarship opportunities. UIL Academics also strives to align itself with the TEKS platform (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) to supplement state standards.

UIL Academics - Excel Beyond the Classroom

There are 29 UIL high school contests, and 20 UIL contests for grade school to middle school students. UIL grade school and middle school sector of academics is also known as UIL “A+” Academics.

UIL Academics contests begin at the school level where a teacher takes on the role of a coach. Often the coach is someone who specializes in a certain area, so a spelling coach, for instance, might be an English teacher. The assigned coach administers extra-curricular homework, tests, and assignments at the onset of the school year or semester to prepare UIL Academics students to compete in future contests. Students compete with other schools throughout the year at what are known as “invitationals” or “tournaments” or “practice meets.” Awards and recognition are given to winning individuals and schools. High school participants who do well advance to the higher rungs of competition and compete at regional or state-level. Region and State contests are coordinated by UIL, and, at the State level, medals are given to winners and runners up.

UIL provides an incredible opportunity for students to excel beyond the classroom.

Students in UIL also have the opportunity to learn discipline, perseverance, and the meaning of winning, as well as sometimes losing with humility and grace. Supported by a school, a coach, and often a team, the experience of participating in UIL is known to be fun and exhilarating and fosters long-term friendships with peers who are performing at the same high level.

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Best of luck in the contest. We look forward to serving you and supporting your achievements.

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