UIL Accounting


About the contest

The UIL Accounting contest focuses on the principles of accounting for various business structures such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. Bookkeeping terminology, income statements, balance sheets, trial balance, account classification, posting, bank reconciliation, payroll and accounting cycle details, and more are covered. UIL Accounting invitationals consist of 80 – 100 questions and cover accounting basics, such as net income, loss, retained earnings, analyzing a trial balance, and more.

We are proud to feature practice tests written the UIL contest Director, LaVerne Funderburk and also tests by Alan Barkemeyer, the coach behind the Rosebud-Lott winning streaks that are shown here.


Wondering what to study to prepare for the contest? You may want to start with reviewing the concepts or content of the UIL Accounting contest. Read or download .pdf document by the contest director that can be found here.

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