National History Bee & Bowl

National History Bee and Bowl Study Books and Online Learning

The National History Bee and Bowl are exciting and challenging buzzer-based contests directed by International Academic Competitions that cover both U.S. and world history.

Hexco created History Essentials and a general study guide – both of which were edited by former National History Bee director Eric Huff – in support of the elementary and middle school bees. Additional text books for NHBB prep are History Snapshots - U.S. 1900-1949 and History Snapshots - Europe, Ancient and Classical

Hexco also offers a personalized history coaching program which has had great success. To date, our coached students have brought home three National History Bee championship titles.

Our NHBB study guide can be downloaded here at no cost.

Schools and instructors can purchase 5 or more copies of History Essentials or History Snapshots Volume 1 and Volume 2 for their class or team at a discounted rate! Contact office for details.

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