How do Hexco products compare with the Consolidated Word List (CWL)?

How do Hexco products compare with the Consolidated Word List (CWL)?
Verbomania has 7,982 words from CWL and 5,085 additional words. ALL have pronunciations, parts of speech, and definitions, and all have etymology in the difficulty sequenced version of this book and in the VerboMentorsoftware version. These are all vocabulary-enriching words and/or words students should know for taking the SATs.

New Nat's Notes has 12,203 words from CWL, and 6,956 other words from National lists, Regional lists, Advanced Words from Paideia and/or Words of the Champions, and other words we added along the way from various lists we collected. These are all fairly esoteric words that are predominately found at the higher reaches of competition.

We did choose to omit some of the words from CWL in Verbomania and New Nat’s Notes when the word was present in a different format. For instance, the word abduct was in CWL. We show abduction in Verbomania, and we have abducent in New Nat's. We determined that words that are related need not be duplicated in one product. For instance, if a student knows abduction, he/she could certainly spell abduct. The word abducent is farther removed, but still has the same Latin base.
There were other words that we felt were too easy to include in this type of advanced study. These included some of the following: aback, abnormal, aboard, aborted, etc.

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