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Policy FAQ

Q: Is it okay to share my school/personal flips login and password with others?

No, the sharing of passwords for any of our products is illegal and may be subject to scrutiny under copyright infringement laws and breach of contract laws. With a login and password system, we have the ability to track users via IP addresses, and we monitor this periodically. For example, if an account shows ten unique IP addresses from all over the U.S. or world, we can probably conclude that your account information has been shared or stolen, perhaps even posted somewhere online. If this happens, we will look into it, and likely close your account and issue a new password to the original buyer if we deem that the (required) purchase agreement has not been violated. Schools or larger organizations are allowed several users at one location. Additionally, if a password is shared with too many people or posted, for example, on a networking site such as Facebook or MySpace, we run the risk of excessive internet traffic which might result in “clogging.” This would hinder paying customers from accessing their account. In summary, the activation system and login requirement serves to protect your privacy and to prevent the illegal sharing of passwords.

Q: What is your policy on discounts?

Hexco’s longevity and success has been through (1) selling thoroughly researched products to a (2) small and discriminating market segment at (3) a fair-market price. Our aim is to deliver exceptional value 365 days a year. Subsequently, Hexco’s management team has opted to adopt a policy that strictly limits the number of products we sell through promotional discounts. We do, however, offer certain customer loyalty and quantity discounts as outlined below.

Spelling Mentor software is full price the first time it is purchased, and if you purchase an additional older version, that purchase is half price. If you purchase any Spelling Mentor within the same year or the following year, it is also half price.

If you purchase a product that we subsequently upgrade within a couple of years, we often sell the new version of the same product for half of its published price when you return the original with your check for the new version plus shipping.

Valerie’s Supplement has a generous quantity discount; if you purchase 10 or more copies, they are less than half-price.

Hexco products sold as “set” always cost less than if purchased individually.

Verbomania has a trade-in discount. If you trade in an older version of alpha sequenced Verbomania, the NEW Verbomania Difficulty Sequence is half-price. Call for details.

Beyond our above predetermined discounts, we offer no other discounts at this time. Occasionally, a customer asks us to come down on a price because they have “been a customer for a long time.” When analyzed on a cost-per-sale basis, our research costs comparatively high. Our aim is to give our customers exceptional value at a fair price all year round and remain profitable enough to keep developing products.

If tight finances or a fixed budget is making your purchase decision a difficult one, we are empathetic to your situation -- this is not uncommon when one is raising children. Our staff is trained to assist in helping you devise a study plan that will help prioritize your desired goals and purchases so that you may make several purchases over a period of year or few months. “Rewarding” a student with a new product after mastering the one he/she currently owns is also a way of encouraging advancement to higher and higher levels.