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National History Bee


The History Essentials book

Hexco's History Essentials book is designed to assist and encourage students from all over the country to participate in the National History Bee and National History Bowl.  As a 30-year academic research company specializing in developing products for competitive academics, we are proud to present this new book geared toward helping National History Bee participants begin studying for the contest. The History Essentials book encapsulates key information from the time periods defined in the National History Bee study guide.  Our research team has also included additional names and events to help broaden your understanding of basic American and World history happening at the same time.  

The History Essentials U.S. and World History timeline book can serve as a "starting point" for newcomers in the contest while providing an organized timeline for contest veterans. With this book, the task of looking up each of the basic concepts will be less arduous, so students can focus more on studying and on researching the more in-depth concepts, thus saving valuable time. The Essentials book may also help students and coaches more quickly identify a student's strengths, interests, and areas for improvement while studying for the National History Bee.

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"Thank you so much for your coaching - we feel your approach and passion has helped him. He really feels the History essentials Book and your coaching helped him get past this stage" ~S.P. 2017 History Coach Parent