Social Studies Focus & Core Concepts A+ UIL

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Social Studies Focus 

UIL Social Studies Focus books summarize the study material selected by UIL for the current year. Outlining and encapsulating the information and concepts related to this year’s special focus, this book includes synopses of the topic selected for the current year and describes the politics of the era. A glossary of important people, places, and events is included. Team version consists of a set of five of the same book. *Specify grade level when ordering. Also ideal for PSIA study (verify topic with your school or the PSIA website before ordering).

Social Studies Core Concepts

UIL Social Studies Core Concepts contain a timeline of American History and Texas history as well as a comprehensive glossary of people, places, and events. This volume serves as a back-bone of the UIL Social Studies contest and is invaluable in classroom teaching. In this product, we have extracted, edited, and reorganized key information that is used from year to year. Start your library with this volume and add which covers the annual topic!

Don't forget to add more of these sets to give to your team! Have a wonderful year.

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