UIL Chess Puzzle - A+

UIL Chess Puzzle Study Materials for Lower Grades

UIL A+ Chess Puzzle for grades 2-3, 4-5 and 6-8 consists of a 30-minute test and a five-minute tiebreaker section. A unique test is provided for each of the three grade-level divisions and the tiebreaker section is identical for all divisions. A+ UIL Chess Puzzle test questions use multiple-choice format which allows for a wide variety of questions while enhancing the educational value of the contest. The format, of course, also makes grading easier!

Beth Mader, our UIL Computer Applications video producer and National Spelling Bee product editor, is also adept at playing chess. In approaching the writing aspect for our unique sets of practice tests, Beth meticulously studied patterns and formats used in actual UIL A+ Chess Puzzle contests for elementary and middle school. We think you'll enjoy preparing your 'moves' for the next academic meet with our Practice Packets which include six tests and answer keys. More are underway!

Chess Puzzle Scoring: Contestants receive one point for each correct answer on the main test and tiebreaker sections. There are no deductions for incorrect or unanswered questions. Tiebreakers need only be graded for contestants actually involved in a tie. Read article

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