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Wondering who you're talking to in the office when you call us? Well, here we are!

Linda TarrantLinda Tarrant is the lady in charge at Hexco. In addition to steering a group of "fun, powerful women," Linda initiates new product development and continues to take her spelling and computer products to the next level by working alongside her team on a daily basis. Prior to founding Hexco more than 30 years ago, Linda served as a Systems Engineer for IBM working on large mainframe computers; she has a Bachelors of Arts from UT Austin. Linda has served as the State Director for the UIL Computer Applications contest for 20+ years, and has supported the North South Foundation and South Asian spelling competitions. Linda is the proud mother of the three Spelling Sisters who designed and inspired some of Hexco's early products and more proud of three magical grandchildren.

Huntley TarrantHuntley Tarrant, a Harvard Business School graduate, is one of the founders of Hexco alongside her sisters and mother/CEO Linda Tarrant. Prior to serving executive roles at Mindbites, Accruent and Dosh, Huntley co-moderated numerous UIL State Computer Applications Workshops with Linda Tarrant and served as a primary editor for the UIL State Computer Applications contest. As the youngest "Spelling Sister," she competed in the National Spelling Bee and began writing and working for Hexco at an early age. Today, Huntley continues to direct our team behind the scenes through strategic planning, app development, and advising.

Nancy BarnardNancy Barnard is Hexco’s Office Manager and a niece of Linda's. She owned and managed a small retail business with her husband, Bobby, for over 30 years. Nancy has also turned her hobby into a business by selling her custom gourd creations and decorative rustic wreaths through her own company, Autumn Valley Gourds. Nancy enjoys creating crafts, gardening, reading, and relaxing at the couple’s country home, accompanied by two rescued Weimaraner dogs, Billy and Lucy.

Noel PutnamNoel Putnam has been employed by Hexco for over 10 years and is the friendly voice fielding the bulk of telephone inquiries and managing Hexco's product fulfillment and distribution. Noel’s professional background ranges from asset management to strategic and organizational management, making her interpersonal skills and attention to detail unsurpassed. With a Bachelors of Arts degree in English from Schreiner University, Hexco utilizes Noel's literary expertise in editing and product development. Noel is currently serving her second term as an elected Trustee on our local School Board and enjoys being involved in the local community. Noel is an avid reader and enjoys writing, but her main love is spending time with her daughter, Madelyn.

Keisha BedwellKeisha Bedwell is the director of Hexco's National History Bee personal coaching program and serves as an in-house researcher, writer, and editor specializing in social studies and writing-related contests. She holds a B.A. in both Psychology and History from Schreiner University and is a veteran tutor and writing coach. From 2016-19, all of her coached History Bee students made it to the national level. Keisha enjoys writing, reading, yoga, traveling, and spending time at the Guadalupe River with her Australian Shepherd, Indie.

Jennifer King-CrandallJennifer King-Crandall is Hexco's director of marketing and supports business development under the direction of Linda Tarrant. Beginning with an early career as an entrepreneurial consultant for businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada to include Fortune 500 Companies such as Corning Inc., Eastman Kodak, and Pepsi, Jennifer’s portfolio has expanded to SEO, demographic research, digital/web design, layout, video production, photography, business marketing plans, and published writings. With a BBA, MBA, and Advanced Google Analytics certification, Jennifer has also served in directorship roles at three local non-profit organizations. Jennifer relaxes by oil painting, dabbling in creative writing, gourmet cooking, and/or by privately advising as a licensed life/health insurance agent in the state of Texas.

Beth MaderBeth Mader is a writer, researcher, and editor for Hexco. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Schreiner University along with copy-editing and tutoring experience. Beth currently plays a key role in deciphering and recording pronunciations for Hexco's spelling products; she also edits numerous UIL Computer Applications tests produced by Hexco. Aside from her passion for reading and writing, she loves horses and taking trail rides whenever she gets the chance. Originally from the Midwest, she takes every opportunity to get outside and enjoy the warm Texas weather.

Nicole HuffNicole Huff is the digital marketing specialist and part of the marketing & design team. She has a B.S. Degree in Music Education with a background in teaching, business & non-profit administration, graphic & web/digital design and SEO. She is also a business owner and co-founder of a non-profit along with her husband. She is happily married with 3 amazing kids, 2 dogs and enjoys quality time with friends and family. She also loves the outdoors, hiking, fishing and a good cup of coffee.

Maggie NixMaggie Nix is one of Hexco’s primary editors for the UIL Computer Applications contest. She holds a Management Information Systems B.B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin. Maggie competed in the Computer Applications contest while in high school and was the state champion twice. Maggie’s experience, passion, and attention to detail truly make her an excellent addition to our team.

CheskaCheska is our chief company mascot and has full run of the office. When she's not diligently alerting us to the arrival of delivery-folk and other visitors, she can typically be found soaking up some sun in the gardens around the office or napping next to Linda's desk. She's a connoisseur of biscuits, always the first to volunteer to 'wash' our dishes, and one of the sweetest canines around.

KeikiKeiki is our newest company mascot in charge of keeping the perimeter clear of snakes and other Texas predators. True to her name, which is Hawaiian for "child," she often reminds us that there's more to life than work and that we should immediately stop what we are doing to pet her, feed her, or let her sit on our lap. She enjoys gardening with Linda and supervises Beth in the mornings. Beth needs a lot of supervision.

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