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History Crash Course

THE HISTORY CRASH COURSE - Enrollment is closed for 2018 due to reaching near-maximum capacity in our regular coaching program. All of our coaching is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and most of our students continue coaching for years!

CALL: 830.367.3825 or Toll free 800.391.2891
EMAIL: keisha@hexco.com

2018 Regional-Finals Information - click here

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Tuition - $1250


History Crash Course is a SIX WEEK online course for students who will be attending the National History Bee. This new course is designed for those who are looking to undergo a thorough and rigorous review program before the National History Bee. Students enrolled in the course will be quizzed in a group format and will be required to complete regular, weekly assignments.

Patterned after the very successful spelling Crash Course, which hosts quizzing sessions for a group of participants via teleconferencing at an affordable price, history Crash Course will consist of six weekly sessions on a set day and time. Students are given an assignment before each coaching session and are expected to master the information at hand before meeting with the coach, to the best of their ability. Each coaching session is roughly an hour long and conducted by phone or through Skype. These include quizzing sessions and discussion of the material at hand.

Our lessons follow and expand upon the material contained in History Essentials, which is required and can be purchased on our website. To inquire now or get on our waiting list, please use this online form and a coach will contact you within a few days. You may also email hexco@hexco.com for more information. A starting date for the History Crash Course will be set after our first enrollments. Register now. We have limited spaces available!


Keisha Bedwell is the head coach of Hexco's PHC program and co-author of our book, History Essentials, and the NHB's study guide. With a B.A. in History and Psychology, Bedwell brings a unique wealth of knowledge and insight to the coaching program from her years of experience with coaching and tutoring students of all ages. Her work in Hexco's PHC program includes application of methodology gleaned from working in university tutoring centers and from studying and observing the workings of the National History Bee. Bedwell has also served as a writer, blogger, and coach for companies outside of Hexco, and continues to grow a sizable portfolio.

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