UIL Computer Science

If you ever have tried learning Java on your own, you comprehend the challenges of teaching Computer Science to students who are trying to understand it for the first time. Hexco Academic, a 30+ year company, now features an array of Computer Science practice materials as well as invitational tests.

Computer Science practice materials

Beginning with the First 15 Concepts book, students learn the basic programming skills that are necessary to successfully code an array of similar problems and problem sets. Going further, Hands-On Element not only explains the live steps but what they mean. The book also explains commonly made mistakes that can be prevented. The Next 25 covers questions 16-40 and explains terms and rules; the book also shows example codes with output and includes practice problems.

With computers so integrated in our everyday life, from applications and texting to gaming, careers in computer science will be lucrative and in demand for many years to come. Begin by enrolling your student in the UIL Computer Science contest, and trying our popular study products by author Kirby Rankin. Kirby is the author of UIL's Computer Science written exams and brings over 25 years teaching and coaching experience. Kirby has coached three individual champions and six 2A team champions. Countless more have qualified for region and state throughout his years of coaching.

For more on the UIL Computer Science Contest, visit the UIL website here.

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