New Nat's Notes and the National Spelling Bee

New Nat's Notes is our largest set of words that is specifically geared toward those aiming for the highest reaches of spelling competition. As seen in the documentary, Spellbound, New Nat's Notes includes 18,000 words from the original Nat's Notes, with hand-selected difficult words from Paideia and the Consolidated Word List (CWL), as well as words used in regional and National Bees from the 1970s to 2007 (including 7,000 words that are not in CWL). This time-tested collection is available in alphabetic and random sequence, and all words have pronunciations, definitions, etymology, and all follow the information in the Webster Third New International Dictionary which is the printed version, not the online version. We recommend New Nat's eMentor to get the most updated version of this product!


  • 2019
    - 88% of finalists at the National Spelling Bee had purchased New Nat's Notes or New Nat's eMentor.
    - 94% of finalists had at least some Hexco products.
    - 50% of the words in Round 4 could be found in New Nat's Notes.
    - 67% of the Written Round 1 spelling words were in New Nat's Notes.
    - In this same year, we celebrated 22 consecutive years of National Spelling Bee champs to use Hexco products.
    - ALL of the words in the final round of the 2019 National Spelling Bee (the year of the 'octochamps') could be found in New Nat's Notes.
    - Annually, over 50% of the offlist words at high level bees are from New Nat’s Notes or Verbomania!
  • 2021
    - 74% of the 302 words given in National Finals were in one of our published products!
    - 50% of all 302 words were in either New Nat's Notes (44%) and Verbomania (6%)!
    - 12% of the 302 words were NOT in any published Hexco product.
    - 67% of the words were in round 11 in the Finals.
    - 87% of the 78 words given for vocabulary in the Preliminary Round 5, Semifinal Round 8 and Final Round 11, were in one of Hexco's published products. 74% were in either Verbomania (35%) or New Nat's Notes (38%).