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SAMPLE VIDEO - Region-State Tests A-C

Region-State Test A - You will walk through a test that requires all of the following: 

  • Configuration and use of fields in a table that rely on the lookup feature (and lookup wizard) 
  • Update queries that require a range of different formulas (Len, Concatenate, Left, DateDiff, etc) 
  • Creation and modification of a report in Access 
  • Creation and manipulation of a pivot table based off an Access table in a separate file 
  • Creation of and embedding of a table within a Modified Block Letter in Word

Region-State Test B - You will walk through a test that requires, among other things, all of the following: 

  • Use of the MOD, IF, RANDBETWEEN and COUNTIF functions in Excel 
  • Paste special (values) in Excel 
  • Creation and manipulation of a pivot table in Excel and inclusion of that pivot table image in a Word document. 
  • Importing of data from Excel to Access and exporting of query results from Access to Word as an rtf file 
  • Creation and manipulation of a Crosstab query in Access 
  • Comparison of the Access Crosstab Query to Excel Pivot Table functionality 
  • Creation of a Block Letter with open punctuation in Word

Region-State Test C - You will walk through a test that requires, among other things, all of the following: 

  • Use of the text-to-columns and special number formatting (e.g. SSN) in Excel 
  • Import of tables from Excel into Access (as new tables or new records appended to an existing table) 
  • Input masks for formatting fields in Access (e.g. SSN) 
  • Use of the Lookup Wizard in Access 
  • Exporting tables from Access to Word as an rtf file 
  • Creation and manipulation of Update queries in Access to update fields based on formula results and prescribed criteria 
  • Use of the Yes/No field type in Access 
  • Creation/customization of a Simplified Memorandum 
  • Creation/customization of a report using Access' Report Wizard 
  • Addition of formula-based unbounded text boxes and labels in an Access Report 
  • Manipulation of formula-based summary field labels in an Access report

To illustrate these things, we'll walk through each full test, working through each part in Word, Access and Excel. Note that each test .pdf is included as well as ending point documents to allow you to compare your work to ours.

  • Downloadable files are included with each video
  • Videos are sold as an online subscription, good until June 1st (end of the academic year).
  • Once your credit card, PayPal, or purchase order is processed/verified, we will create an account for you manually and email you login credentials. If you already have an account, please login here.
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Save time teaching
 and give your students a real chance to learn some of the concepts of the Texas UIL Computer Applications Contest with video from building a basic pivot table in Excel, to mastering complex update queries, to learning all the ‘ins and outs’ of dates and times, and much more!  Each lesson incorporates the latest screencasting technology with the expertise of Huntley Tarrant. Videos are presented in a step-by-step, tutorial format so that students can follow along on their own computer, stopping and starting the video as needed to keep up. 

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