COLLABORATIVE 2020 - Online 'Pandemic' Spelling Bee!

Hexco Academic will be co-hosting a virtual / online spelling bee this summer!


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A year for pulling together

While all of us, especially our spellers, were disappointed by the cancellation of the 2020 National Spelling Bee due to COVID-19, we fully understand and support this difficult decision. We applaud Scripps' contribution to protecting our safety and health at their own expense and encourage all to continue to support this beloved and worthy contest in the years to come.

We have seen many changes at the NSB in recent years, such as the addition of vocabulary, tie-breakers, no tie-breaker (thus, 'octochamps'), and "Words of the Champions," the brand-new spelling list for 2020! It's been an exhilarating ride. One could even call it a roller coaster ridethe kind that has your heart in your throat halfway through, but at the end, we all say, "Let's do it again!" And every year we're back for morejust like you. We have made phenomenal memories supporting the NSB as well as lasting bonds of friendship. And we love to share (#humblebrag) that at least one Hexco customer has won the National Spelling Bee for 22 years in a row. Please know, however, we are proud of ALL of you.

We understand the time and hard work that goes into studying, preparing, and qualifying for the National Spelling Bee and this is why we are hosting our own online spelling bee with the help of our spelling coaches and customers who are former contestants or parents of former National Spelling Bee competitors. Others have also shown interest in helping.

Challenge Yourself with our 2020 Online Virtual Spelling Bee

After we heard the National Spelling Bee would be cancelled after being postponed, we decided to pause, then discontinue, enrollment for our annual Spelling Crash Course, a customer favorite and the pride of our dynamic head coach, Michelle Horton. We also waited with great anticipation to see if a follow-up announcement would indicate that Nationals would be hosted online. It was only after we learned that there would be no alternative to the National Spelling Bee, and that there were few options for spellers to compete in 2020, that we decided to reach out to some highly experienced and educated 'spelling families' and individuals to see how we can host the greatest bee possible with very short notice, but a lot of heart (did we mention brains?!).

We hope you have a fun time following us and getting ready to challenge yourself with our 2020 online 'pandemic' spelling bee. Please sign up for updates so we can email you as soon as we have more information!


Since we are working as a team with numerous outside folks, we are actively researching the best format, price, rules, etc. in order to make our online bee accessible to all with a fair price for spellers' families. In deciding this, we also realize that many workers today are facing reduced hours/pay and therefore we'd also like to budget a small, but fair, stipend to some who will be working hard behind the scenes to support this project.

Please use our contact form if you would like to be a sponsor or know someone who would like to help.

Updated 4/24/2020 8:15 p.m. Central Time

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