National Spelling Bee

HEXCO was a sponsor for the 2022 South Asian Spelling Bee!

DID YOU KNOW? Harini Logan, the 2022 National Spelling Bee Champion was also the second-place winner at the Kaplan-Hexco Online Spelling Bee! We are incredibly proud of Harini's success and know that she worked hard to accomplish this dream as did many of our spellers and spellers' families. We thank you all for sharing your journey with us. For the past 22 years, one or more of the NSB champions have used Hexco products. The year 2022 makes a total of 36 NATIONAL SPELLING BEE WINNERS, counting the ties along the way. Did you know that seven out of the eight "octo-champs" in 2019 were Hexco customers, and one was coached? Zaila, who won the 2021 National Spelling Bee, also won the Kaplan-Hexco Online Spelling Bee in 2020!

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