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Regional Spelling Bee Express



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STARTS: First quizzing session is February 19, 2017 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time
: $1250 for 6 sessions of online group coaching plus assignments

SIGN-UP for Regional Spelling Bee Express
CALL: 830.367.3825 or Toll free 800.391.2891
EMAIL: hexco@hexco.com


  • Language information and associated word lists
  • Additional word lists, including difficult to spell eponyms, homonyms, trademarks, etc.
  • Latin and Greek root assignments
  • SPECIAL FOCUS: Regional Bee word lists
  • Assignment of words in Verbomania and New Nat's Notes
  • Weekly quizzing on assigned word lists plus unfamiliar words to learn skills in fielding unknown words
  • Specific email feedback on student progress and problems as needed
  • Weekly follow-up to all students with explanations given in the weekly quizzing session


Michelle Horton is our original coach who assisted in developing the Spelling Coaching Program with Linda Tarrant. Michelle has been writing and editing products for Hexco for the past several years and has been coaching students using our new system for over seven years. Prior to coaching Hexco spellers, Michelle coached all of her children using Hexco products, and they together spelled at the National Bee a total of seven years. Michelle’s youngest, Mary, ultimately tied for fifth place at the NSB in her final attempt and has since aged out of the competition. Michelle is an expert grammarian who holds a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education with a specialization in Chemistry. As head coach, she has developed instructions for approaching the spelling of words in various language families beyond what is in Hexco's Spelling Rules Book and has added multiple lists for many language families and beyond. Currently, Michelle is expanding the Personal Spelling Coach Program to include new areas for mastery for coaching students as well as working with Linda Tarrant to convert our current program to include coaching eMentors for the PSC program. Her positive attitude helps build excellent rapport with students as she continues to receive stellar reviews from customers who have had the opportunity to benefit from her coaching, many of whom have made it to the higher rungs of the National Spelling Bee.

Rebecca Willett competed in spelling bees from age 9-age 13, and she spelled at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in 2007 and 2008. Along the way, she studied Latin for six years, and Rebecca developed a deep love for words. Rebecca holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance from the Cleveland Institute of Music. She was the first of three daughters in her home to attend the National Bee, as her two younger sisters also followed suit, each by competing at the National Spelling Bee twice. Rebecca is the ultimate 'word nerd' who develops excellent rapport with her students; Rebecca also serves as a resident assistant for chamber music events and is a "natural" at working with young children.

Kim Willett has a BA in Developmental Psychology from William and Mary and an MSW in Clinical Social Work, Child and Family Therapy from Virginia Commonwealth University. She began spelling coaching her own children 11 years ago and has been using Hexco products for 8 years.  All three of her daughters have each competed in the Scripps National Spelling Bee twice (2007, 2008. 2009, 2012, 2015, 2016). Kim has homeschooled her children for 16 years and runs the local homeschool spelling bee. Her education in developmental and learning theories combined with her love of words have helped her develop strategies for spelling studies.  She believes that the family is an important part of the spelling team and, therefore, keeps in communication with spellers’ parents.  Kim loves spellers and develops strong, trusting relationships with each student which leads to a coach/student/parent team that can work diligently toward the common goal.

Dave Riddle is a retired attorney who resides in central California and coached his son to the National Spelling Bee in 2004. Dave himself won the 2005 title of National Senior Spelling Bee Champ and continues to participate in adult spelling bees around the country. He was the last audience member standing in a Broadway performance of the 25th Putnam County Spelling Bee (See his article recounting the hilarious bee at http://www.word-buff.com/25th-annual-putnam-county-spelling-bee.html). Dave himself has been the pronouncer in over 50 adult and student bees.  In keeping his personal spelling skills sharp while offering time-tested suggestions, Dave also understands what he calls, "Gut Dread," meaning the nervousness that comes with participating in spelling bees. With this experience, Dave fills a unique role in our team when it comes to advising to ensure maximum comfort with spelling on stage. He is known to devote quality time with each student and only takes on a limited number of students per season.  Dave brings years of experience, and we are proud to have him on board!  Read entertaining interview in Word Buff magazine: http://www.word-buff.com/spelling-bee-champion.html.

Linda Tarrant is the President of Hexco, Inc. and the primary author of most of the company’s advanced spelling products and other highlevel academic study materials. All three of Linda’s daughters participated at the National Spelling Bee (NSB) in 1987, 1989, 1992, and 1993. Linda manages and organizes Hexco’s PSC program by assisting coaches, reviewing and systematizing word lists, screening potential PSC candidates, and consulting with parents to help individualize a longterm spelling strategy for coached students. Her direct interaction with students is limited, however, Linda continues to play a key role in the coaching process.

Suanne Rudley loves words and the unique individuals who excel at spelling them. She was introduced to competitive spelling when she coached her own daughter to a sixth place finish at the 2004 National Spelling Bee. Suanne likens her work with her spellers to that of an athletic coach who focuses on building skills, providing encouragement and support, and helping students bring their best to every competition-while never forgetting to inject humor and fun into the process. She received her undergraduate degree in history and English from the University of Pennsylvania and a law degree from the University of Virginia.

Roshini Asirvatham is a freshman at the University of California, Berkeley. She attended the Scripps National Spelling Bee twice in 2010 and 2012 after winning the SE Minnesota Regional Spelling Bee, and participated in the North South Foundation National Spelling Bee every year from 2006-2012. She earned 4th place at both the 2012 North South Foundation National Bee and the 2012 National South Asian Bee.

Gokul Venkatachalam - Gokul Venkatachalam is a sophomore in high school. He competed in the National Spelling Bee 4 times, placing 10th, 19th, 3rd, and eventually becoming a co-champion in 2015. He is also a champion of the Southasian Spelling Bee. He has a deep passion for language patterns and roots, and uses his knowledge to help his students become the best spellers they can possibly become.

Meera Suresh has been involved in the spelling bee world for 5 years now, participating in the CBS San Francisco Regional Spelling Bee all 5 years. She went to the National Spelling Bee in 2015 and tied for 50th place. She will be entering her freshman year at Cupertino High School in the fall of 2016.

Snehaa Ganesh Kumar has 9 years of experience in spelling bees, starting from kindergarten and continuing through eighth grade. She competed in the Scripps National Spelling Bee in 2015, tying for 4th place, and in 2016, becoming the runner-up. Snehaa has demonstrated a great mastery of language during her studies for the National Spelling Bee and is looking forward to sharing her expertise with spellers who are excited to participate in Scripps bees. Coaching is her way of giving back to the spelling community and working with spellers in an area of her life that she loves.

Caroline Willett has been involved in competitive spelling since she was eight years old. Caroline competed in the 2009 and 2012 National Spelling Bees, after winning the Virginia Pilot Spelling Bee, and has accompanied her sisters to the National Spelling Bee in 2007, 2008, 2015, and 2016. Caroline loves working with children in any capacity, from serving in children’s ministries at home and abroad to spelling coaching. In 2016, Caroline successfully coached 2 students to the National Spelling Bee. Caroline is a sophomore at Wheaton College, where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Science on the premed track with the ultimate goal of becoming a pediatrician.

Jonathan HortonJonathan participated in the National Spelling Bee in 2005, 2006 and 2007 achieving a nationwide placement of 22nd, 6th, and 8th place in each respective year. Since then, he has been coaching for Hexco for several years and has successfully coached several students to the upper echelons of the National Spelling Bee. He has obtained a Bachelor of Science from George Mason University as a double major in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. He is currently working as a developer with a prominent company in Champaign, Illinois while coaching students for Hexco in his time off. His love and knowledge of words and their languages is deep. He enjoys working with his students by sharing his knowledge base and teaching them effective strategies that will help them build theirs.

Mary Horton - Mary began attending the NSB when she was only five years old. She accompanied her brother in his three year stint at the National Bee. Her sister followed suit and attended the National Spelling Bee twice. Mary then followed in their footsteps and attended the NSB in 2014 and 2015. It was during the 2014 bee preparation that Scripps “introduced” the vocabulary portion and her performance at the 2014 bee prompted Mary to dig in and study innumerable hours for the 2015 NSB. There, she tied for the highest score on the preliminary written test and ultimately tied for 5th place in the nation. She enjoys words at all levels and loves to share her knowledge with spellers engaged in the process that she worked so hard for during her bee preparation. Of course, she worked closely with her mother the Head coach, Michelle Horton, and is quite familiar with aspects of all levels of spelling preparation and the Hexco coaching methods. She is currently a junior in high school and while still home-schooling, she is also taking college level classes in preparation for college. She wants to attend Liberty University upon graduation from high school.

Thank you again for the coaching, the guidance, the access and the support! We are no less excited for our third year of participation in the Oral Bee and look at this as an ongoing wondrous journey for which we’re grateful, regardless of outcome. Certainly for the word nerds in our family, this is a scintillating endeavor! ~C.L.

Personal coaching is non-refundable once you begin the program due to a limited number of slots available and the time it takes to customize sessions in advance.